World Cup – Live in Dublin 2018-06-16T14:08:05+00:00

Join us to celebrate the World Cup in The Bowery! – Check out our sweeet deals man! Our food is cooked by awarding winning Farmer Browns and Manifestoresteraunts next door, then served to you in The Bowery.

The Bowery Bar – Match Specials

Free glass of prossecco + group sharing platters for bookings of 6 or more.

2 for 1 Cocktails during match

Daily Cocktail Special €7

6 bottles of Coors, Heineken, Sol – €20

Gourmet Burger & Fries + Any Pint – €13.50

Gourmet Pizza + 6 bottles – €35

GIANT WINGS + 6 bottles (biggest portion of wings in Dublin, this is a sharer!) – €35



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